Clue of Bellagio, lake Como Italy

I wish you could be inspired from this suggestions to live your best holiday in  Bellagio  – Italy,  one of the world’s most magical places .

My Bellagio locations represents an extraordinary opportunity to rest, research, reflect ,interact …if you’re looking for inxpiration you’ll find in my Bellagio locations one of the most rewarding and creative experience.

Here few suggestions that my friend Mark  shered with my Bellagio:

Bellagio “the Pearl of the Lake” is situated in Lake Como – nort Italy.                     Is a small and strikingly beautiful village, the population is slightly over 3000.The epicenter is the San Giacomo church, worth at least a visit.             Across the litttle plaza is the Bar Sport, a lovely spot to take an espresso or have a gelato .                                                                                                                                   You can even buy a postcard … one of that “old fashion” way to send memories to whom you’re thinking of . What a nice habit to keep doing while traveling… send postcards from all over the world!!!

In via Garibaldi you’ll find the Gelateria del Borgo,regarded of one of the place for best gelato …although it is Italy and almost everywhere is very tasty and good!!!

Similarly with the restaurants. Worth visiting if you decide to splurge ,probe one night are Swiss, La Goletta, La Grotta , Silvio, Antico Pozzo for luch and different pizza at Babayaga.

To keep suggesting about my Bellagio centre how can I forget to talk about cafes and coffee.

I like to go at Bar Caffe Rossi, right on the water along the Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini. The outdoor tables overlooking the lake and the Art Noveau interior is enticing as well.

Many places along here cater primarily to tourists, but the Rossi – at least in the spring and fall – is usually filled with locals.

Likewise with wines. But one extremely special place is the wine cave at Enoteca Cava Turacciolo on the Salita Genazzini, just a few steps opposite of the ferry boat station.

Lots of regional wines by the glass, tasty local meats and cheeses very friendly and knoowlwdgeable staff. A fun place to unwind after a “hard day” of exploring trip.

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Bellagio from the sky

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