Como Lake Bellagio , discovering the great beauty

Welcome to  new blog!

Are you ready to discover the hidden gems of the great beauty of my wonderful Bellagio? Not just the best lake villas in Como lake but all the little details that makes  my Bellagio the ideal territory for experimenting innovative forms of cultural tourism.

This blog is dedicated at our guests to help them to get deeper in  the exceptionality of lake Como which divides in two branches governed by two major cities Como and Lecco.

I’ll  tell story caming out  from numerous activities, bussinesses and people that live, work and dream in the branches of the lake and the surrounding areas. People and lanscape that  makes unique  this charming  place.

Lake Como has always been a destination for foreign travellers and holiday-makers and still attracts many thousands of tourists from all over the world every year just because it’s  one of the most beautiful  holiday destination in Italy’s .

We’ll share and indicates a series of itineraries and paths that are well worth visiting, encouraging you to visit the lake ,gaing knowledge of its true essence.

Enjoy Italy’s holiday in my Bellagio, you’ll love it as much as I do!


Cyclist or mountain walking – my Bellagio above

Contemporary travelers are enthusiastic explorers,always looking for a surprising journey experience to enrich them.

They’re curious , always looking for an emotional feeling to bring back home. Passion is the world that will lead them to the discovery  the most seductive and unknown sides of our little hamlets.

There are many way itineraries that you can discover by mountain walking with all levels of difficulty represented. Grab your backpack and comfortable shoes and discover all the discrete places full of charm that dominate the lake’s landscape.

I wish to start  with the daring ascents of Ghisallo, for bicycle lovers.

The ascent starts from Bellagio and climbs up to the Passo del Ghisallo. If you are en expert I suggest you to measure the time starting from the roundabout at the entrance of Bellagio until reaching the small Church of the Madonna and a  beautiful landscape on the eastern side of the lake repaying all the toil of getting there.

If you are one of the  trouely  enthusiasts of cycling the Ghisallo Bicycle Museum situated at the top of the climb is a real temple of memorabilia….

to be continued…